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Our Mission

Footsteps Psychological Services, PC is an organization of mental health professionals dedicated to providing ethical and quality mental health care in the least restrictive and most efficient manner possible to our community members so that they may achieve a more fulfilling and independent life. Footsteps Psychological Services, PC, uses a holistic approach, focusing on resiliency and recovery, offers a continuum of behavioral health services, including Psychiatric Services, Outpatient Psychological Evaluations, and Therapy.  For individuals under the age of 21 years, Footsteps offers Intensive Behavioral Health Services (Individual and Applied Behavior Analysis)

Our staff respects the members self-determination and encourages members to be active in the treatment team, and when appropriate, family and other relevant individuals are encouraged to participate in treatment design and implementation. Through collaboration with formal and informal resources, the goal of Footsteps Psychological Staff is to continuously improve the delivery of services, be respectful to others, be adaptive to change, and be accountable for outcomes. Footsteps Psychological Services, PC is committed to service excellence and high standards through recruiting and retaining excellent staff

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